Compass Catholic Ministries unveils its groundbreaking

Guideposts Personal Finance app, tailored exclusively for

Catholic High School and Home School students. This

state-compliant educational tool seamlessly blends

essential financial literacy with cherished Catholic values,

setting students on a path to holistic fiscal and spiritual


Faithful Finances

Merging timeless religious values with modern financial literacy.

Spiritual Savings

Enlightening students on saving with a foundation in Catholic doctrine.

Catholic Capital

Empowering youth to manage wealth while upholding Catholic teachings.

Guideposts Growth

Charting a course for holistic financial and spiritual development.

Grow Faith As You Learn


Seamlessly blends Catholic stewardship principles with financial education.


Meets state-imposed requirements for financial education in high schools and home schools.

Versatile Format

Adaptable for diverse educational settings, including core curriculum, supplementary resources, online modules, and after-school programs.

Holistic Development

Aims for all-round student growth, merging fiscal responsibility with spiritual values.


Available for immediate access and utilization on the CCM website, catering to both individual and home school students.

Innovative Curriculum

Offers lessons that are as rooted in faith as they are in financial wisdom, addressing a significant gap in the education system.

Meet Our Co-Founder

"Guideposts is our proactive response to an educational imperative. By blending essential financial literacy with Catholic principles, and ensuring compliance with state requirements, we're creating a path for holistic student development."


Jon Beam

Co-Founder - Compass Catholic Ministries

Words from the Creator

"Students will have the knowledge to navigate their financial futures while staying true to their faith. This is more than just a course—it's a compass for life's financial decisions, anchored in faith.”


Susan Hart, EdD

Curriculum Developer - Hart
Education Consultants

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